Monday, March 8, 2010

Curing Cloudy Water in Aquariums

Keeping your aquarium clean and clear can be a real task at times. And it is very important to keep an eye on your tank water is because it can prove to be fatal for your fish.

My last post was entitled: 'Water Green in Fish Tank' and it dealt with curing green water that can happen from an algae bloom. In this post, we will focus on fish tanks and cloudy water.

Curing Cloudy Water in Aquariums
Having cloudy water in your fish aquarium can make it look really ugly. But your fish will not like it as well.

You may wonder, 'what causes cloudy water in my tank?' A major reason for water cloudiness comes from overfeeding. If you feed your fish too much the uneaten food will dissolve and cause your water to become cloudy. This can happen rather quickly and it can overwhelm your filters.

You can eliminate cloudy aquarium water by reducing how much food you put into your tank and then do a few small water changes over the next few weeks. Soon your water will be clean and pristine again.

Always check you aquarium water and make sure it stays clean and clear at all times.

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